A Former Manhattan Nightclub Became This Sunny Family Home

Jaimie Baird crafts a glowing abode fit for her three teenage children

Baird brought a similar sense of contrast to the adjacent kitchen, where a monumental carved Calacatta Paonazzo stone island with aged brass panels sits below sculptural Poul Henningsen pendant lamps from the 1960s. According to Baird, the room is also purely functional. “Every weekend there’s like 20 teenagers around the island,” she says. “So we wanted an open-plan living room and kitchen so we could all cook and eat together.” To keep the madness in check, she tucked a walk-in pantry behind the kitchen wall, complete with a rolling ladder servicing floor-to-ceiling shelves. “I’m a total neat freak, so having storage in the main kitchen would have driven me nuts,” Baird says. “This is probably our most used room in the house.”

In fact, so much of the home was created with teenagers in mind. “I love designing for teenagers because they’re not kids anymore,” Baird explains. “They want to own their space and not have it be too young.” In the bedrooms, that meant creating refuges they could grow into and still love in a few years when they’re returning from college. For example, she took a risk by hanging contemporary paintings and a vintage starburst pendant lamp in her youngest daughter’s room. “I remember showing her a picture of the lamp,” Baird recounts. “She told me, ‘I don’t know if I like it, Mommy.’ I said, ‘Too bad, it’s already on its way from Italy.’ But now? She’s madly in love with it.”