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14 Best Towels on Amazon, According to More Than 16,000 Reviewers

Ultra-absorbent? Fluffy? Quick-drying? Oversized? You'll find exactly what you need to clean up your act
four stacks of  the best towels on Amazon
These organic, überfluffy bath towels by Salbakos are made in Turkey and, to top it off, are well-priced (think: a set of four for $55). Shop for them here.Courtesy of Amazon

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We’re always ready to treat ourselves to a nice set of new towels. A truly luxurious, fancy bath towel can be one of life’s real pleasures. The thing is the good ones tend to be very expensive (though never underestimate a good sale). And, as we all know from a life spent using bath towels, even the finest of them won’t last forever (mascara smudges are the devil). Sometimes you just need a good towel at a good price. So, naturally, we went looking for the best towels on Amazon.

We were hoping to find a set that wasn't too pricey but still high-quality, as well as amply fluffy, quick-drying, and available in a variety of colors. We also wanted bath towels with an avalanche of really glowing reviews—because the best critics are those who have and use them on a daily basis.

As we went looking, however, it became apparent that we would need to broaden our considerations. The quality of the material and construction would also factor in: Chemical- and pesticide-free choices won out over cotton of unknown origins or microfiber, and double-stitched hems were deemed preferable to single (though we did make a few exceptions when we found especially good towels). The choice is ultimately yours, but we did our best to highlight the features that tended to be crowd-pleasers.

Read on to check out our top picks of best-selling towels, including Turkish towels, waffle towels, and more!

Set of four dark green towels.

Chakir Turkish Linens Luxury Cotton

  • 5-star reviews: 12,000+
  • Size: 27" x 54"

Crafted in the city of Denizli, these plush bath towels are made of soft and downy 100% Turkish cotton and come in over 10 rich color options. The quality feels luxurious and stays rich to the touch over time, as one buyer attested to in their review: “They feel like towels from a posh hotel, they have worn well, looking as good now as the day we bought them.” Another reviewer echoed the longevity of the towels, pointing out how the “fibers don’t ball up” and that the seams hold steady through regular use.

Other reviewers praise their size. Clocking in at a slightly oversized 27” x 54”, this set of luxe Turkish towels pushes the real estate just over the edge into extra-large territory. One buyer wrote that it’s the optimal balance of big enough to swaddle yourself in post-shower, but not so big that they “swallow you up.”

Salbakos Organic Turkish Bath Towels

SALBAKOS Organic Turkish Cotton Hotel Bath Towel

  • 5-star reviews: 7,000+
  • Size: 27" x 54"

Another standout option is this set of four eco-friendly super-absorbent bath towels by Salbakos, which are made in Turkey and available in a variety of colors from neutral to bold. These towels don’t seem to deposit lint in the dryer, they don’t seem to fade, and they appear to be super-absorbent towels—a pretty important factor for a product that exists just to dry off your body.

White Classic Luxury Cotton Bath Towels

White Classic Luxury Cotton Bath Towels

  • 5-star reviews: 8,000+
  • Size: 27" x 54"

These luxury bath towels are Oeko-Tex certified and made from high-quality combed cotton, with that double-stitch edge we favor. Perhaps the softest bath sheets on this list, their super-plush, luxurious feel has reviewers sold. One described their super-soft warmth as a “calm to my perpetual existential crisis,” while another compared them to “luxury five-star hotel” types of towels. And you can't really go wrong with white, can you?

Texere Organic Cotton Luxury Bath Towels

Texere Organic Cotton 4-Piece Luxury Bath Towel Set

  • 5-star reviews: 400+
  • Size: 35" x 56"

If you're looking for a little something more in terms of design, check out this loop terry pattern. It's available in more than ten colors, Oeko-Tex certified, and you can choose between a diamond pattern (pictured) or a cable weave. Both patterns feature a low-twist terry cloth made of 100% organic cotton and a twill hem. They're a little pricier than the other towels on this list, but if you're looking for a specific aesthetic and this fits the bill, they're not too much of a splurge.

Ariv Large Premium Cotton Bamboo Towels

Ariv 4-Piece Large Premium Cotton Bamboo Bath Towels

  • 5-star reviews: 12,000+
  • Size: 30" X 52"

Though cotton dominates this list (as it should) Bamboo makes an appearance with these cotton blend towels. Handsomely priced at four towels for under $50, they are available in seven colorways. Absorbent and soft they surprised a lot of reviewers by how light and thin they are, “They absorb very well and don't leave fuzz on your skin like other brands. They are not very thick, but they dry well.”

SEMAXE 100% Cotton Bath Towel

SEMAXE 100% Cotton Bath Towel

  • 5-star reviews: 3,500+
  • Size: 27" X 54"

While we can't vouch for, or think you really need, the “smart tag” we are very excited about the loops on these towels. 100% cotton, absorbent, and shrink-resistant, these are the type of cozy workhorse towels that find their way into your bathroom again and again. These towels made a believer out of one reviewer, “I never really expect much from towels. They all say they are soft and absorbent. But lo and behold! These really are! I fell in love with them the minute I touched them, but was sold once I used them.”

Mosobam Oversized Turkish Towels

Mosobam Oversized Turkish Towels

  • 5-star reviews: 450+
  • Size: 30" X 58"

While these towels don't have as many reviews as some of the others on this list, the reviews they do have are passionate, with many folks comparing these towels to the kind you find in a luxury hotel. Oversized, thick, and soft they are made in Turkey of 50% cotton and 50% Bamboo Viscose. They come in eight different colors, and while the price is a bit steep, you get four large towels in every set. Says one enthusiastic reviewer: “I am happy to say that these towels are the best I have had in a very long time! I have tried many, many luxury towels, but these are superb to all. They are very soft, absorbent, warm, and wraps around my man gut perfectly!”

Tens Towels Large Cotton Bath Towels

Tens Towels Large Cotton Bath Towels

  • 5-star reviews: 5,000+
  • Size: 30" x 60"

Bigger is better when it comes to these fluffy, oversized towels. They’re so big they’re practically beach towels. Made of super fine cotton, they are highly absorbent and soft to the touch—and they're the most competitively priced set in this roundup! Who can say no to reasonably priced luxury?

Bagno Milano Turkish Cotton Jacquard Towels

BAGNO MILANO Turkish Jacquard 6-Piece Towel Set

  • 5-star reviews: 1,000+
  • Size: 27" x 56"

Cut down on dry time with these ultra-absorbent towels that reviewers report are “even prettier in person.” Created using Aqua Fibro’s Unique Spinning Technology, the set feels ultra-plush absorbent. Seen here in white, they're available in more than ten other shades and come with two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths. Nothing like a one-and-done purchase.

Classic Ribbed Turkish Towels

Classic Ribbed Turkish Towels 2-Piece Luxury Set

  • 5-star reviews: 4,500+
  • Size: 27" x 54"

Here’s another high-quality set made of Turkish cotton. We’re all about the texture, the look, and the super soft feel. The towels are available in nine pretty colors and can be purchased in a set of two or three. There's also a matching bath mat if you're interested (and we're very interested).

Utopia Towels Luxurious Jumbo Towels

Utopia Towels Luxurious Jumbo 2 Piece Bath Towels

  • 5-star reviews: 30,000+
  • Size: 35" x 70"

If you're of the “bigger is better” mindset, these are the ring-spun cotton towels for you. These are far and away the largest bath towels on this list. In fact, they're not even bath towels, but bath sheets and live up to their “jumbo” name. “Bought these for my 6'4" hubby because he can never wrap typical towels around himself comfortably. He absolutely loves them!” said one reviewer. “I honestly will probably replace all the towels with these eventually because even my kid loves how cozy they are.” Available in 19 colors and made of plush viscose, you could use these at home or bring them to the beach in a pinch if needed.

Great Bay Home Cotton Bath Towels

Great Bay Home Cotton Bath Towel Set of 4

  • 5-star reviews: 3,000+
  • Size: 30" x 52"

Waffle weave for the win! This time, it's in a diamond pattern. One of the great things about waffle weave is that it repels lint and debris. “I've ordered a lot of towels I give away later. BUT NOT THESE,” said one enthusiastic reviewer. “Wonderfully absorbent. Just enough the perfect roughness to feel that rubbed dry feeling.” You can snag this high-performance set in 12 different colors.

Polyte Oversize Microfiber Bath Towels

Polyte Oversize 6-Piece Microfiber Bath Towel Set

  • 5-star reviews: 500+
  • Size: Bath towels are 30" x 60"; hand towels are 16" x 30"; washcloths are 13" x 13"

Lightweight, absorbent, and soft, these are a choice if you prefer a more low profile microfiber fabric. The material means the set will dry a bit faster, and the waffle weave texture will feel like a dream against your skin. Seen here in gray, the six-piece set is also available in beige, blue, teal, and white.

NY Loft Cotton Bath Towels

NY Loft Cotton Bath Towels, Set of Four

  • 5-star reviews: 400+
  • Size: 30" x 52"

Rounding out our list of the best bath towels on Amazon is this fast-drying set made from high-quality cotton. The lightweight, luxurious towels weigh 600 grams per square meter (GSM), and the waffle weave gives them a welcome texture. They're super absorbent, easy on the eyes, and dry quickly too.