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Budgeting, Wellness, and Sustainability at Home

Clever’s 2024 Trend Forecast

3 It Girl–Approved Travel Destinations Worth Adding to Your 2024 Itinerary

These influential tastemakers have got your next vacation fully covered 🌴
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How Le Creuset Became a Favorite Household Staple in the Zillennial Pantry

Even with the rise of DTC competitors, the heritage brand hasn't lost its grip on younger consumers
Life Goals

What 9 Millennial Homeowners Wish They Knew Before Buying a House

The saying goes that comparison is the thief of joy, but I just need to know: Is everyone buying a house but me?
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What Diwali Decor Looks Like For 3 South Asian Creatives

Color is crucial for celebrating the festival of lights
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What Does the Bachelor Pad Look Like in 2023?

From Reddit’s “Male Living Space” to the Mojo Dojo Casa House, modern men are fully expressing their interior desires
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The Everlasting Appeal of the La-Z-Boy Recliner

The iconic chair will live on (comfortably) forever
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The Old Money Aesthetic: Can WASPy Interior Style Be Reclaimed by a New Generation?

Creatives of color are offering a new spin on the style’s stuffy image
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The Best Couches for Plus-Size Bodies, According to 6 People Who Love Them

For this round of Picky People, we’re tackling couches that are comfortable for all bodies 🛋️
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6 Items to Curate a More Accessible Home, According to Disabled Folks

Because a disability-friendly space can be universally appealing too
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What 5 Farmers Really Think About Modern Farmhouse Style

The ubiquitous style that HGTV popularized is very different from the farmer’s classic home
Trash Week

7 Compost Bins That Offer High Design and Less Mess

Finding the right composting setup is all about you and your space
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What Your Refrigerator Decor Says About You

Because the fridge is where the heart is
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The Cringiest Kitchen Decor Trends, According to Food Artists

13 design choices that give professional foodies the ick
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Unpacking the Designer Dupes Dilemma

Inside the complicated world of home decor knockoffs and copies
Shop Smarter

23 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Shopping at Flea Markets and Antique Shows

Breaking down all the dos and don’ts to know before you go
Life Goals

7 Trans and Non-Binary Creators Share What Home Means to Them

The personal spaces of Rose Dommu, Melo Davis, and other designers, artists, and writers are sure to inspire
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What 6 Couples Wish They Knew Before Moving in Together

Sometimes combining a life is easier than merging interior design styles
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What’s All the Hype Behind Design Merch?

Whether it’s cool or cringe is up for debate, but there’s more to this crossover than meets the eye
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Small Space Living With Kids: How Parents Make Room for Themselves

Four families unpack learnings from their real life experiences 🍼