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Editors' Take

There’s a worldly sophistication to Crystal Sinclair’s interiors, courtesy of gestures like an antique tapestry hung behind a ’70s sofa, or a client’s collected treasures placed seamlessly into a contemporary interior.


Crystal Sinclair Designs (CSD) is an innovative husband-and-wife, full-service interior design firm based in New York. The studio specializes in creative residential and hospitality projects across the US. CSD’s signature style varies project to project but is always warm, livable, and unique. Most describe their work as bold, eclectic, fun, and welcoming—they are not afraid of color. CSD has been featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Domino, Interior Design, and House Beautiful, just to name a few.

Through the spaces they design, Crystal and Ben strive to reflect the dwellers’ personalities with the ultimate goal of making them, as well as their family and friends, feel welcome and at ease in the newly designed space. We want each and every client we work with to love walking into their home, and for it to bring a joyful smile to their face time and time again. “A home should not only look pretty; we want there to be an emotional connection between the client and the finished space. As a former artist, I definitely take a creative and artistic approach to a space,” Crystal says. “It’s not about rules and numbers, it’s about emotions and proportions.”

Casual and relaxed in the way they collaborate with clients, the duo takes their work very seriously and passionately. CSD has developed a central belief with design: Go the extra mile, have fun, push boundaries, get creative, and create something unexpected! They strongly believe in layering, creating depth and a story. Each space has its own boundaries and needs. “It’s about homing in and listening to a space, learning what it wants,” Crystal explains. She and Ben believe it’s their job as designers to find the harmony each client and space needs, and in doing so, make a home that the owners love and are proud to call home.

CSD is currently working on projects in Texas and New York. Crystal and Ben live in Tuxedo Park with their five-year-old daughter, and their dog, Trinity.

Photo by Seth Caplan