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Editors' Take

Inside an In Detail Interiors project, no two rooms need to be alike. The North Florida–based studio will happily personalize each space for its users—whether they’re adults, kids, or in-betweens—so that their homes tell their collective stories.


Think of us as your building design advocate, sort of like a patient advocate... but without the jello in a plastic cup. We specialize and excel when working on new construction jobs, remodels, renovations, furnishing projects, kitchen and bath redesign, and are masters at space planning, finding innovative materials, and creative problem solving.

We understand the 23,467 moving parts and relish in solving the puzzle, even when you can’t find that last piece because the dog carted it off and chewed it beyond recognition. It's all okay. We are the firm that can create a new piece to solve the puzzle, save the day, and save the dog too.

No matter the scope of the project, we will partner with you to discover what you want your story to be about and at the same time encourage you to just say no to catalog decorating and challenge the tired, the trendy, and the trite.

Dedicated experience is the stock and trade of In Detail Interiors, and this is how our clients value us most. Our portfolio reflects all levels of client budgets, styles, personalities, and degrees of patience with the process. We are most proud of our finished work, the reviews from clients, and the long-term relationships we have built. Trusting the process is vital to the success of a project with low stress, high expectations, and a winning outcome.

We provide expert interior design project management services to help you navigate the building process easily and on time while making decisions you will be happy with for years to come. And come install day, you’ll have our qualified staff on site helping to manage the layout, styling, art selections, etc. that make even a new space feel lived in, comfortable, and complete.

While our design offices and beautiful showroom are located on the Gulf Coast of Florida in a hidden gem of a city, Pensacola, we work across the country and have mastered the remote process with a finesse that has taken years to perfect. We have the grey hairs to prove it!