A Look Inside the Luxurious Interiors of a Billionaires’ Row Supertall

At Central Park Tower, Rottet Studio raises the bar of luxury to conjure a vision of the highest of high-end swank

Rottet’s purview extended to a 4,295-square-foot, four-bedroom model apartment on the building’s 92nd floor, which boasts breathtaking views of Central Park and the surrounding city. “We didn’t want to go over the top in the décor so as not to distract from the views. This apartment is not a decorator statement but a New York City statement, a Central Park statement,” says Rottet. “All of the furniture, the custom hardware, and the bespoke cabinetry were designed and fabricated at the highest level. Nothing was meant to be a placeholder to be torn out, and there’s nothing hopelessly trendy or gimmicky that will look dated in a few years,” she continues. Many of the pieces have lacquered finishes that reflect light and diffused views of the park and city back into the residence.

In characteristic fashion, Rottet deployed a collection of modern and contemporary art to animate the apartment. The curated roster of artists represents an intriguing mix of established, mid-career, and emerging talents, including Robert Motherwell, Richard Anuszkiewicz, Joel Perlman, Nicolas Carone, and David Row.

Surveying her work at Central Park Tower, Rottet takes the long view: “I’ve been in this business for 30-plus years, and I think I’ve learned a thing or two about what true quality and luxury means. Gary set out to create a new benchmark, and I think this building speaks to the tenacity of his vision.”