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Editors' Take

With so many of us now working out at home, a tailored, chic space for exercising is quickly becoming a more common commodity. Luckily, this is Iron House Design’s speciality: creating wellness-oriented rooms and choosing the perfect fitness equipment so your home can give Equinox a run for its money.


Our services help homeowners, interior designers, builders, and architects improve space management using plans and visual renderings. We aim to provide a detailed preview of how your home gym or wellness area will look. From lighting to materials, our solutions create the perfect synergy between your training experience and your home environment. And more importantly, we know fitness.

And aside from knowing fitness—which should not be glossed over—we also know design. We don’t just place equipment into your space: We’ve been doing this for over a decade and it shows. Our clients run the gamut from high net worth individuals to celebrities. We also worked on the private gym at Camp David, the Presidential county house.

Iron House Design is the foremost independent American retailer in the luxury market. Our unique position grants you unlimited access to the most renowned fitness brands globally, opening doors to a world of unparalleled selection where your choices are boundless.

As your devoted wellness designers, we are here to guide you and offer expert recommendations on equipment and systems finely tuned to your individual needs. Our independence is your asset, enabling us to focus solely on what suits you best. It's our duty and privilege to ensure you receive nothing but the best the market has to offer, all within a budget that respects your financial boundaries. In addition to working alone, we collaborate regularly with other professionals. In fact, it's not uncommon for us to be hired by other interior designers, builders, and architects.

Being a full-service firm allows us the joy of crafting a distinctive style for each of our clients, a commitment that sees every project nurtured from inception to completion with meticulous attention to detail. Whatever your style, let Iron House be the trusted partner to bring your dream project from a vision to a breathtaking reality, blending innovation with reliability in the world of home gym design.