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Inside a New York Mansion With a Frank Gehry Roof

Today AD travels 2 hours north of New York City to tour 46 Ledgerock Lane, an immense 10-acre home perched on the Hudson River. Inspired by the work of legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright, the property is lined with five kinds of wood, and countless types of stone, while legions of windows offer uninterrupted views of the river beyond. One of only a handful of properties built on the Hudson River, the house is a rarity since the law now prohibits building new homes less than 100 ft from the riverbank.

Released on 12/28/2023


[calm music]

Welcome to 46 Ledgerock Lane in Hyde Park, New York.

It's a masterpiece on 10 acres of land,

one main house and one guest house.

It has almost 20,000 square feet on the interior.

For a family that does live in New York City,

this is just two hours north by car,

or of course, 20 minutes by helicopter or perhaps land.

You're sea plane right there on the Hudson River,

which is quite unique.

We're here in the foyer of the home.

No details were spared here

and the owners put a lot of thought into the materials

that they selected for this home

and wood is a really big theme.

There are five different types of wood,

and this custom designed table

actually has those five different types of woods

that are the theme throughout the home.

The black lacquer, the satin wood,

Sandalwood, Camino Crespo and English Sycamore.

There are really countless types of stone

that are used throughout the entire home

and on the outside you have this really beautiful

fossilized French limestone,

but they didn't want to leave the limestone on the outside

without bringing it slightly to the inside,

which is why you see it right here

on this wall as you enter.

The designer wanted to wrap that onto the inside

so that you're sort of bringing the outside in,

which is another very big theme that you're about to see

as we continue to tour through the rest of the home

and take in the really beautiful

perspective of the Hudson River.

[bright music]

The home actually is one of only a handful of homes

that is built directly on the Hudson River.

You can never, ever again build a home on the Hudson River

in this way because you must now be 100 feet or more

away from the edge of the water.

I always love a good sunken in living room,

and particularly one that has these incredible

and expansive views of the Hudson River.

This is a good opportunity

to really talk about the inspiration

that the homeowners had.

They love the work of Frank Lloyd Wright,

and as a matter of fact,

have traveled the country looking

at many fine examples of his work.

As you can see, it's all about bringing the outdoor in.

Here you have unobstructed views.

On a clear day, you can actually see as far

as the Appalachian Trail.

The views as you see them

are the views as they will be forever.

The land on the other side there

is land preserved so it can never be built on.

Speaking of architects or starchitects, shall I say,

the roof of the entire home is a single membrane,

and when this home was built,

the only person that could do that was Frank Gary,

so Frank was hired to actually create

that single membrane rooftop.

I do want to note that this stone is completely heated

everywhere where you see stone that's on the floor,

whether it be on the inside,

whether it be on the outside,

it is heated.

So snow in the winter,

don't worry about it.

Cold in the winter,

don't worry about it.

Here in the heart of the home you have the dining room,

which has got this beautiful custom Murano chandelier.

You're surrounded by glass on both sides

where you have the water view here of the Hudson,

and then of course here you're reminded by the fact

that you do have a separate guest home.

There's two bedrooms with two full bathrooms out there.

The dining room is right off of the kitchen.

Now, of course, the kitchen has the show kitchen,

the prep kitchen, and the butler's pantry.

I don't know why it is,

but it's in this room that I'm reminded

by Franklin Delano Roosevelt,

who was born here in Hyde Park.

It's almost like I can see him as a little boy

sitting here dining at this really beautiful custom table,

but Hyde Park, by the way,

this is where the presidential

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Library is,

and the neighbors to this property

actually are the Vanderbilts.

This is an area where lots of wealthy families

built their homes to retreat to.

Very different style of homes of course,

because they're more traditional and colonial in nature.

As beautiful as they are,

they're just quite different

because they're not this modern glass home

that was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Let's go inside the library.

[bright music]

Lots of books on art and architecture,

some of them that are earmarked

because those are the pages that were the inspiration

that ultimately became this home.

I've gotta point out this desk, right?

It's very special and it's one of my favorite pieces

of furniture in the home.

Much of the furniture in this home is custom made,

including this very special desk.

It was inspired by Emile Jacques Ruhlmann,

one of the most important furniture designers

who's associated with the art deco movement.

[upbeat music]

Well, this is the primary suite

and what a splendid primary suite that it is.

I can imagine what it's like to be laying down in that bed.

You feel like you're floating on the river at this point.

You have this outdoor room and this terrace here.

You can also appreciate all of the other outdoor rooms

that were carefully considered

with the landscape and the river itself.

You have really beautiful high ceilings in this room.

You have a stunning sitting area

where you can sit by the fire.

You have a very generously sized primary bathroom

that has some really beautiful amenities.

I think the most special attribute is the eight foot round

carved bathtub that's done out of golden travertine.

It actually weighs 3000 pounds.

There's also a steam shower,

a massive shower in there, double sinks,

and plenty of room to get ready in the morning.

[upbeat music]

The billiards room is a fine example

of no details being spared in this home.

You have all of these beautiful examples

from the billiards table itself

to the card table here

that are custom made

in this really beautiful wood that, as I said,

there are five wood throughout.

Then you have that gorgeous stone,

which is backlit at the bar there,

but my favorite thing about this room,

once again, is the perspective.

You're now here at the water's edge

and you're taking on the water

from a different perspective

than when we're on the upper floor,

and it is just so peaceful and so serene,

but there's even more on this floor to show,

so come with me.

So I've sold a lot of homes in my career,

however, very few of them have had

a private indoor pool and hot tub.

Remember, this is a weekend home for the family

that lives in New York City,

so you have to kind of appreciate the fact

that this is really all about resort living for them,

it's about finding a place to come to relax

and unwind and share with their friends and family.

So you have this lateral living

where you have this outdoor area as well,

which is around the heated pool,

which is sitting on the Hudson River,

and behind that there you have this really beautiful

outdoor kitchen complete with smoker and grill

and refrigeration and so on.

You have all these little vistas

and moments where there's just seating

that was carefully selected and curated

with special furniture that was custom made

to take in those majestic views of the Hudson River itself.

[bright music]

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