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Inside Kevin Hart’s Stylish Hartbeat Offices

Today Architectural Digest is welcomed by comedy legend Kevin Hart to tour his stylish Hartbeat offices. A year ago, Hart moved his production company into a new 40,000-square-foot West Hollywood office space previously occupied by the Oprah Winfrey Network. With the help of Kai Williamson of Studio 7 Design, Hart was ready to give the office an edgier makeover, moving away from an off-white, coastal palette left behind by OWN. Together, Hart and Williamson designed a modern, open space that encourages creative thinking and collaboration through glass walls and luxe seating areas. But despite the makeover, Hart has made sure the spirit of Oprah remains, “There’s an energy in this room,” Hart says. “Every once in a while, The Oracle herself speaks to me. I’m trying to get a real mold of Oprah’s hand so I can slap Oprah five every time I leave out. The question is, How am I going to get it?”

Released on 11/28/2023


[elevator dings]


Hey, AD, what's going on? Kevin Hart here.

I wanna welcome you guys to HartBeat.

What are you gonna see?

Well, why ask me when I can just show you?

Come on, follow me.

[upbeat music]

I wanna welcome you to what we call our HartBeat bar.

The concept around this particular space

is for those all around us to gravitate here.

I love the feel of modern,

something that presents an environment

that people not only feel like they can be in,

but they wanna sit in.

They wanna stay in.

I don't want a bunch of walls.

I want open spaces.

I want a lot of glass.

And if it's an open space

and you see people being collaborative and communicating

and talking, well, guess what you're gonna do?

You're gonna do the same thing.

Energy feeds off of energy.

I've had a lot of success with interior design in my home.

And that interior designer that I use in home

had a great relationship with a woman named Kai Williamson.

And Kai Williamson in turn ended up doing Hart House.

I then told Kai,

Come in, let's do the same thing here at HartBeat.

And she created an amazing design,

an amazing look, feel, and flow along the guidelines

of what I felt the colors of HartBeat were

and what I felt the theme of our company should be,

which was an atmosphere of together,

one of creative, more importantly,

one of fun and funny.

It's a fun space.

It's a space of drinking alcohol.

This is not a plug, but Grand Coramino is behind me,

which just so happens to be my tequila,

and the only thing that I allow my employees to drink.

Not that we have problems, just that that's what I allow.

Maybe, you know what?

If that came out weird,

just understand hard work tastes different

and we celebrate it.

[upbeat music]

Now at this point of the tour, we are in my in-house studio.

This is a very important piece to the puzzle of HartBeat.


Well, because when I bring talent into the building,

well, I can now interview the talent

and I interview talent is highlighted on gold mines.

Or if I wanted to, I could switch gears

and we could do straight from the heart.

And you know what I love about it too, man?

I love that not only the chair is comfortable,

but they make me feel tall.

That's very important to me, right?

It's not about sitting in a chair,

it's about not getting lost in a chair.

You see that? I look big.

I look very big here.

Some chairs you sit in, you go all the way back,

you look stupid.

Not here.

And this mic adjust to wherever I want it.

We spent $17 million on these microphones.

If you come over here,

now we're looking at a well-crafted desk

that fits a group straight from Hart.

As me and my closest friends,

we love to be in a close proximity

so that we can not only feed off of each other,

but energize one another.

This desk allows us to do that.

It was very important to me

to have a comfortable environment

where my guests could feel just as comfortable,

almost like a living room setting.

So what I have in here is a lot of relaxing light.

You know, this light can basically,

it can go from this color.

I can go to like a iguana green, a lava red,

or perplexed purple.

These are all real colors, by the way.

There's a lot of little things, a lot of little discoveries,

a lot of little Easter eggs.

You just gotta open up your eyes to be able to see them.

This pot here was Eddie Murphy's first pot

that he ever spit his gum in.

We found it.

We spent $6 million on this.

Eddie Murphy's gum is still in it.

If you wanna get a closeup, you can.

Don't look at it.

[upbeat music]

Come in here.

Whoa. [chuckles]


This is where it happens at, baby, right here.

This is my desk.

A lot of big deals happen right here, right?

I come in here, I sit down,

and I say, That doesn't work for me.

You know why?

Because it works for me, it doesn't work for you.

And sometimes that means that we got more work to do.

Now this here, right?

I'm a huge fan of baseball gloves.

I said I need a couch that gives me the synergy

of a catcher's mitt.

Now, if you sit in this couch,

you'll find yourself feeling like a baseball

and you'll just conform and get ready to be thrown.

When I sit in this couch, you know what I say to myself?

Throw me into the rest of the day.

This chair right here, I love this chair.

Very sleek.

Basically, this is my like,

Okay, Kev, it's time to get up.


Because if I go here, I could get sleepy

'cause that glove, it makes me warm, right?

My eyes are getting a little lazy.

I'm gonna take a nap there.

But sometimes I don't wanna take a nap.

Sometimes I wanna sit straight up.

This is my posture chair.

Look at me.

I'm up, okay?

All right, now these two chairs are different.

When I sit here, I mean business.

Sometimes I let people sit in the catcher's mitt

and I take the seat here.

You sit down.

Go right ahead.

See, I called you in here.

You see that?

This is my mean business chair.

See, every chair has to have a purpose.

If you just got chairs in your office just to have them,

then that means you're not utilizing your office correctly.

Purpose chair, posture, chair, catcher's mitt.

Sleep, sit up, talk straight.

I have a saying around this office and my saying is,

Oprah was in this bitch,

because this used to be Oprah's office.

And every once in a while, the oracle herself speaks to me.

There's an energy in this room.

I'm waiting on the sign to put at the top of the door

that I can jump up and touch as I leave out every day,

almost like the rock at the Apollo.

But instead, it'll just be Oprah's hand.

So I'm trying to get a real mold of Oprah's hand

so I can slap Oprah five every time I leave out.

The question is, how am I gonna get it?

I can imagine me and Oprah saying some of the same stuff

like, Motherfucker, you better get up.

Oprah cursed.

Y'all don't know Oprah cursed.

Oprah cursed.

I know she did.

[upbeat music]

Can't go any further

without showing you my favorite piece in my office.

That's my mom.

This is a hand-drawn picture that was given to me years ago

that I fell in love with, and I kept, got it framed,

and it's followed me through every office space

that I've had.

You know, there's been times

where I've actually heard my mom say,

Oprah was in this bitch too.

So it's a shared energy there.

Okay, come on in here.

Now this here, this is my little beauty area, right?

If I need a haircut, I get in this chair right here,

have my barber come in.

Zip, zip, zip, zip, zip, zip, zip.

And I come out looking like a dime.

This chair is from North Philadelphia's finest barbershop

called Cuts and Shuts.

You know, that's where basically I was born and raised,

seen a lot of things happen there, right?

In that area.

There was a lot of good, a lot of bad, but I made it out.

So I went back, brought this chair.

Chair cost me $785,000.

This is where the magic happens.

Sometimes I don't wanna go home and get dressed,

so I just make it happen here.

You know what these are?

Hustle Harts.

Mm-hmm, you didn't expect to see that, did you?

These are my first Nike collabs.

You know, I'm an athlete.

One of the few only comedians

to ever have their own athletic shoe.

It's never been done before.


This is a basketball with HartBeat on it.

Five out of 100.

This was a limited edition.

They gave these out to all of the best players in the NBA

that made it to the Hall of Fame that did amazing things

'cause one of the best athletes

could have a HartBeat basketball.

It's a fact check.

Go look it up if you don't believe me or not.

Oh, oh, this right here is the jersey I had on

when the Eagles won a Super Bowl.

E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!

By the way, don't look at that footage

because I may have been drunk.


Oh, my tour closed.

These are from Irresponsible, a phenomenal tour.

These are in my office

just in case anybody ever want me to perform.

Quick change.

These are like my talk show suits down here.

Yeah, this is the suit that I had on

when I did Jimmy Fallon.

This is when I did Ed Sullivan.

Don't fact check the last one.

[upbeat music]

All right, so this here is a really cool space that we have.

Another bar, another nice sitting area.

You'll notice the digital board.

On this digital board, we can put cool things,

whether it's movies coming out,

TV shows that are premiering, things to watch out for

in this particular time.

We said, Welcome, Architectural Digest team.

That's a message for you guys.

The reason why that digital board is there

because a lot of things that we sometimes screen,

well, we can market and promote there

to ultimately bring people in here.

If you notice, out here, you see like

a lot of the movie posters or TV posters

to the things that our company has produced.

But if you follow me in here,

[upbeat music]

this is our theater.

So this is where we come, we screen, we view.

After screening, we talk about it.

We give notes.

There's feedback.

I love this space.

You always sit in the back in the corner

'cause I like to watch everybody.

So this is my first time sitting in this chair, actually.

Not bad.

Oh, can I get a drink from the bar and bring it in here?

While we are screening, no.

After the work day is complete, you can do what you want.

That's why it's there.

Now, when you come out of here, sometimes we may say,

Well, if that was good, let's do a toast.

And I get everybody to the bar

because we watched my model, like my project.

I think Kai made this room blue

because she loves clouds, light clouds

that ultimately turned dark after rain.

She's a deep thinker.

[upbeat music]

This is actually a very cool room.

This is like an exact breakout room.

Also, what I like to call this room

is a in the cut meeting environment.

If you're with a client

that you kind of wanna be a little more lowkey about

or a talent that you wanna be a little more low key about,

this is a space that provides that.

It's just comfortable, it's chill,

and there's no excuse not to be relaxed.

Drop your shoulders.

This furniture here is casino.

There's a nice creative space.

And more importantly, once again,

a comfortable environment to work, all right?

Not to be confused with home.

It's work, okay?

Make a note of that.

I have taken seven naps on that couch.

That couch needs to go 'cause it's too comfortable.

It's the only thing I fell asleep on in this building.

And sleep is not welcome here.

[upbeat music]

Well, guys, I mean, that's it.

That concludes the tour.

I hope that you enjoyed all of the things

that I've shown you.

By the way, this is how it happens.

I just showed you how the beat happens within the heart.

I showed you HartBeat.

Get out of here.

Get out of here.

Close the doors.

Go, goodbye.

[upbeat music]

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