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Inside NBA Star Carmelo Anthony’s Stylish New Home

Today AD is welcomed by former NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony to tour his stylish new home in Westchester, New York. After closing out his two-decade-long basketball career in May, the New York native felt it was time to settle into a more spacious pad in the suburbs. Leaving the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks behind him, Anthony teamed up with interior designer Cassandre Bonhomme to create a home that matched his eclectic taste. Together, they designed a “modern vintage” interior–ornate fixtures paired with a luxe color palette and fabrics make the perfect home for Carmelo’s extensive contemporary art collection. With more space to stretch his legs and just a short drive into the city, it’s safe to say that Melo has settled nicely into his next chapter in the ’burbs. “I love land, I love space. Once you start getting out of the city and traveling and going to these other places, you realize that a 25 to 30-minute drive is not that far from the city.” See more of Carmelo's stylish Westchester home here:

Released on 09/27/2023


What's up AD

I'm Carmelo Anthony, welcome to my home.

Come on there.

[upbeat music]

My big welcome piece upstairs, that's Muhammad Ali.

That's the focal piece in the house.

It just gives so much energy, so much spirit, so much love,

when you look at that.

I've been collecting art almost 15 years now.

I was always into up and coming artists

and I just had an eye for what I like

and I realized quickly that I don't have to like something

because somebody else like it.

I like it because it appeals to my mind.

It appeals to my spirit, whether it's a dollar or $10.

This is Swoon, she's amazing.

Grew up maybe three, four blocks away from her

in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and this one by Kehinde Wiley.

He did a series of artists, I think it was myself

Spike Lee and, and Swiss Beats

my inspiration behind this,

well, I'm a big Game of Thrones fan

so that's the king right there.

Come on now I'm gonna take you out to the

the most important room in here.

[upbeat music]

This is the music room.

This is the green room.

There's a lot of details in this place

so pay attention to the details.

This is a big Swoon piece.

As you can see, I'm a, I'm a big Swoon fan.

This is one of my first pair

of signature sneakers with Jordan brand that I've,

that I created here in New York.

One of my first years, first seasons with New York

and the artist Domingo Zapata,

did something for me at a dinner.

It was part of a magazine cover release.

We got a Kehinde Wiley skateboard, which is amazing.

All my books.

I love to read, love culture, I'm an Ali groupie.

Anywhere you go in the house

you'll always see a picture of Ali.

So this shovel, the gold shovel.

This is the shovel we use to break ground.

When we opened the Carmelo Anthony Center in Syracuse

in this corner right here, this is Nelson Makamo,

one of the best black artists,

South African artist there is.

He's just a amazing, good friend of mine.

I went to his studio in, in South Africa

and this sketch wasn't even done yet, but I told him

I wanted it and, and now it's here on my wall.

So this is they watching us and

this is our kids saying that, right?

So that's a very powerful piece by Nelson.

Here is some of my collection a little bit,

some of 'em a gift, some of 'em I purchased.

I got Ali speeches.

One of my favorite prizes over here is the Malcolm X

Ballad or Bullet speech live.

I just think that's one of

the most powerful speeches of all time

[upbeat music]

Working with Cassandra,

that is always a good fun when you have a partner

and a teammate like that, that can, that knows you well

and know how you think and know your vibe.

She gets worked towards putting

that all into what this is right here.

So when you see the different rooms and the colors

of the rooms, it's like different moods of, of mellow.

This is a plaque from my mom.

She gave this to me back in '03.

20 years ago, she gave this to me just because,

I love you, mom.

All my gold medals.

I think that's '08, 2012, and 16.

Now I'll take you to

where things really get popping,

in the bar.

[upbeat music]

So welcome to the bar.

This is my high school jersey, Oak Hill number 22.

It's like a little celebratory area,

celebrating Oak Hill,

celebrating retirement,

celebrating getting drafted in 2003,

and then Dom Pérignon celebrating my 30th birthday.

Cassandra did a great, great job at picking these lights.

It's some things that I just let her do

like some of the fixtures

and you just gotta let her bring her creativity out.

I'll bring you back here to the bar

so you can see what we have.

I got into wine probably mid 2000s,

not knowing what I was doing.

To fast forward to now,

I'm very particular with what I drink.

So as you can see, it's

there's a lot of First Growth's Bordeauxs up here.

First Growth is like the

the big boys of the, of the wine game.

The winemakers been there forever.

They're the first plants that was grown.

This is a nice lil tour and if you wanna have a good time

you come over here, have some wine.

These are Cassandra's right here.

She gifted these to me.

We all know who Malcolm is and we all know who

who Martin is, but James Baldwin

y'all need to go read his books and listen to his speeches.

He's one of the most powerful debaters that's out there.

[upbeat music]

This is where the checks get cut.

Nah, I'm kidding.

The checks get cut in LA.

Well, this is kind of my sanctuary.

My book, you know, you gotta have the

the memoir behind you, Where Tomorrow's Aren't Promises.

The chairs are amazing.

They're comfortable.

I did design them myself.

I want to give myself a pat on the back.

This is not animal skin, okay?

This is not animal.

This is nothing animal over here, okay?

This is faux.

[upbeat music]

This is the memorabilia wall, right here.

This is the Ali gloves.

This is big for me.

The Social Justice Champion Award.

So big shout out to Kareem for making me the

inaugural winner of that.

[upbeat music]

I love lounges, I love hotel lounges, I love hotel lobbies.

You can just chill, hang out, have a, you know

have a drink, coffee, tea, whatever's your

whatever's your preference.

So this is that vibe over here.

Hotel lobby, lounge area, chess, books.

You can always read a book.

Again, details, light fixtures, amazing.

You gotta keep the snakes with you, you know, just in case.

Keep the snakes with you just the case.

This is, to me, one of Nelson Makamo's most powerful pieces,

by the title of this, which is Forgive Them.

I assume that this kid is thinking about all the

that happened to him and is happening constantly

and he's trying to send that message to forgive them, right?

If you forgive them, then that burden comes off of, of you.

You don't have to live with that no more.

It's on them now.

And at the end of the day, we forgive, but we don't forget.

[upbeat music]

I didn't want to just a, a standard dining table.

I don't have formal dinners.

I don't sit down at the table and have full fledged dinners.

So when I'm in here

I want to eat and be creative at the same time, right?

So Syracuse, you know, you have define yourself.

You have Creative 7, the production company.

You have Red Hook, you have innovate, you have Baltimore

and then you have the flag of Puerto Rico ingrained in that.

So it gives it a different vibe, even an artistic vibe.

And you don't feel bored.

I, I don't like to be feel bored in the

in the dining lounge.

It's just not about having art in the rooms

and in the house.

It's about being very intentional on what you put up.

You know, each room has a different vibe, a different mode.

So you want to be intentional about what you put

in those areas, the energies that you put in those rooms.

[upbeat music]

I call this the bathroom,

some people call it the powder room.

Surrounding, ya know, is my guy.

You know, you got Ali,

you got the special wallpaper right here.

This is Flavor Paper.

I know it's a lot of Ali, but

come on, you can't beat that wallpaper right there.

[upbeat music]

I collect shoes because I wear shoes, to be honest with you.

I don't collect them to just let them sit.

I collect them to wear them.

I'm a active collector.

And wine, I collect to drink,

and sneakers I collect to wear,

and clothes I collect to wear.

It's my first signature shoe of all time.

So this is what, what kicked it off.

And lemme, now I just wanna be clear

I was the first Jordan brand signature athlete, ever,

the first, I was just excited to have my own signature shoe

with a Jordan brand or a brand like that.

And then we actually made a great shoe.

So I'll always be grateful for this sneaker right here.

[upbeat music]

So these Jordans right here.

My son actually designed these or created these.

So these are his, as you can see, Kiyan.

And this is called the What The Kiyan,

Instead of What The [techno beat].

It's What The Kiyan.

My first pair of Jordans, I didn't get

until my senior year in high school at Oak Hill.

And that was only because they was a

a Jordan sponsored school team.

And that was my first pair of Jordans.

So now going from that

to being the first signature athlete at a Jordan brand

after never being able to have a pair, it's full circle.

[upbeat music]

The best thing about this room

is this bed, oversized bed, comfortable bed.

If you don't sleep well, your day don't go well, right?

Over here,

again, there's Nelson Makamo everywhere, all over the house,

but this particular portrait is the perfect image.

It's the perfect energy that you need.

Outside of it being a, a great painting,

and the messaging behind it, I just think just

you just gotta get a look at the eyes and then

you can see the soul of this actual room.

This may be one of the most powerful pieces that

I have when we talk about the money

money being the root of all evil.

And you,

some people say you change when you get money, right?

So when you got the money, put the face on as

Jay-Z said it best, you could try to change

but that's just the top layer.

You are who you are before you got here.

So no matter how much money you got

you gonna always be who you are behind that mask.

[upbeat music]

This is my mindfulness meditation.

You can hear the waterfall flowing.

This room doesn't need art.

The thoughts in your mind is that's the brush, right?

So however way you want to paint this canvas, you do that.

You know, it's intimidating, at one point in time,

you need to meditate, you need to like,

it's intimidating.

But once you find out your space that you can go to

that space and you can sit there and you can be still

and you can breathe and you can embrace it, the thoughts

but let 'em go, one at a time.

So I've been able to do that for a while.

Yeah, it helps me.

I recommend it and I recommend you to find you a

a sanctuary like this where you can get away

for a couple minutes a day and, and breathe

and get your mind right and reset and bounce back.

[upbeat music]

This is my son's room, as you can see.

He got, you know, his favorite players, his uncles.

These are, these are like family to him.

These are important.

This was a Stop The Violence campaign.

This is Trayvon Martin,

we got Malcolm X,

we got Jam Master Jay, we got Biggie, Tupac, Biggie.

Also this was a hip hop series that was created

for kind of Stop The Violence and stop the shooting.

And so you put him on a stop sign and do not enter signs.

And this is his room, 16 years old.

So I try to stay out this room.

[upbeat music]

All right AD,

I let y'all come in my crib.

Now it's time for y'all to get on outta here.

I gotta get back to work.

See y'all soon, peace out.

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