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Inside Country Music Star Orville Peck’s Mid-Century L.A. Treehouse

Today Architectural Digest is welcomed by musician Orville Peck to tour his mid-century tree house. Tucked away in the trees of Los Angeles, the nearly 7,000 square-foot property was built during Hollywood's Golden Age in 1944 and Peck couldn’t imagine a home better suited to him. Terracotta tiles pair perfectly with original aging wood features giving the indoor-outdoor feel you’d hope for when living in the trees. Second-hand treasures left behind by previous owners (including Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante) fill the space alongside treasures Peck has collected giving his home a personal touch. “To be honest, I never thought I’d be able to own a house,” says the artist, “But when I saw this place, it felt absolutely perfect…Everyone always jokes that they don’t know who else could live here because it feels like it was made for me.”

Released on 11/06/2023


Howdy AD, I'm Orville Peck.

Welcome to my L.A. tree house.

Come on, take a look.

[gentle upbeat music]

This is the living room.

This is Queenie.

She's part German Shepherd, part Coyote.

This house was built in 1944

when this was still Hollywood land.

When I first looked at the home,

the contrasting tiles,

with like the sort of terracotta,

it's just a really stunning home.

It's pretty specific.

Like people joke,

like they don't know who else could live here.

[Orville chuckles]

I fell in love with it the second I saw it.

I actually didn't even have an apartment

or anything for like about a six-year period at one point,

'cause I was touring so much that whenever I was off tour

I would just stay with my parents

or, you know, friends' houses.

And so finally this is the first time

I've ever owned a house.

It's very special to me.

I'm very proud of it.

And yeah, I got to fill it with all of these things

I've collected over the years.

The fireplace is something I was very drawn to,

really special.

Here in L.A. people like to pretend

that it's cold every winter.

So, you know, we all snuggle up next to the fireplace

and it's like 70 degrees outside.

I've been touring for 17 years,

so most of the things I own are collected

from all over the world really.

I mean, some of them just right here in L.A.,

like, I thrifted this cowboy lamp, which I love.

My friend Doug gave me this.

This is a tuning fork that's tuned

to the frequency of the earth.

[Orville chuckles]

So you hit it and then you do this,

and then all your problems are solved.

I'm a big fan of tapestries.

So there's this really beautiful tapestry up here

that I found on tour.

I love art.

This is by an artist named Jon Flaming.

He does all kind of cowboy prints like this.

And so someone very dear to me got this for me as a gift.

[gentle upbeat music]

So this is one of my favorite areas of the house,

the kitchen and dining area.

I love to cook.

One of the most amazing things that was in this home

is this old O'Keeffe and Merritt stove and oven,

which is like a dream to cook with for anybody.

The copper counters, I fell in love with.

Just so many beautiful details in this house.

I have like a wooden refrigerator.

[Orville chuckles]

It's like in the Flintstones when they have like fridges

and garbage disposals that are made of stone.

Like that's like, but mine are all wood.

I love mugs.

These are all places I've been.

You know, Graceland, Park City, New Mexico.

This is from when I did Brittany Broski's Royal Court.

There's so many interesting touches

all throughout the house, like this chicken wire.

This door is like usually open and covers this.

And so I finally shut this for something,

and then there's this, like,

really frightening [chuckles] ghost painting,

and now I'm scared to touch it.

And I never knew it was here until like,

sort of like six months ago,

but I feel like it's safer to just leave it,

'cause maybe I don't wanna like,

you know, mess with it or something.

I so badly wanted this to be hooked up to like the gate,

but sadly it's not hooked up to anything.

But hello.

It's for you.

[gentle upbeat music]

This is one of the bathrooms more like, you know,

Flintstonesesque, but wood features,

like this bizarre sink in stone.

And then I have this little shrine going on here,

just some more things I've collected over the years.

Some watches, and some postcards, and hunting knives,

and some candles to some of my idols like Dolly Parton,

Willie Nelson.

There's these beautiful sort of stained glass windows

over here.

Just more kind of interesting touches.

[pleasant music]

This is my favorite room in the house.

It's the guest bedroom.

It has beautiful lighting at all times of the day,

morning, afternoon, evening.

It has a lovely view of beautiful Hollywood.

This is one of my favorite pieces.

My friend Dylan Rower actually painted this.

It's a self portrait of him.

These are, so two blankets that I collected

from when I lived in South Africa,

baskets from South Africa.

So I like to have touches of things

from all the different places I've lived.

One of my music videos with Norman Reedus

was set in a tiki bar.

And this is one of the cursed tiki pieces

from that music video.

Just such beautiful wooden details everywhere,

like the kind of slating

and then beautiful old light fixtures.

There's a a weird little peekaboo hatch.

You can like peek out into the living room

if you need to, just check what's going on.

I feel like a magician built this house.

It's so odd.

[gentle upbeat music]

This is my closet.

I'm a man of many, many, many, many outfits.

And so I have all of my kind of regular clothing

over here on these ones.

And then in these ones is all show stuff,

performance outfits, and things like that.

These are all of my special custom hats that I keep up here,

just a small collection.

I have in total probably like 150 cowboy hats,

but these are just a small special amount

of a bit of my collection.

Lots of custom detailing ones that I've worn for tours.

I wore this on RuPaul's Drag Race.

Then also some very special ones like my custom Dior

cowboy hats that they made for me

when I was working with Dior.

And we used to call them Diorville.

Just the room of many, many hats.

I have some pretty interesting outfits in here,

like Dior made me this when I went to the Grammys in 2020.

It's pretty special.

Some of my special kind of outfits

that I don't necessarily wear anymore.

But I've had for a long time.

Lots of rhinestones, lots of rhinestones.

[Orville chuckles]

Small amount of my boots as well over here.

These are just my everyday ones

that I rotate in my normal life.

And also a couple special ones.

This is one of my oldest pairs of cowboy boots.

I've had these probably like, I don't know, almost 20 years.

These are custom oblique beaded Dior

when I did their fashion show in 2019, I believe.

If you have cowboy boots,

you cannot live without a boot jack.

It's so that you can save your boot

and you pop 'em off just like that.

Get a boot jack.

[gentle upbeat music]

This is my bedroom.

I love light and windows.

I love that there's skylights in here.

A lot of light.

I have to have big plants everywhere.

This bed frame, actually it was one of the things

that came with the house.

It's something I would never have picked

this kind of blush, rose velvet bed frame.

But it's actually really beautiful

and I think it goes really well in here.

These are a few of my favorite little pieces.

This is my poster from when I played

at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.

We sold it out.

And they do these kind of legendary posters,

so that's very special to me.

My brother got me this little frog playing a banjo,

which I love.

And then this is my dear friend Andrea Lucic,

amazing artist based outta Canada.

Also one of my favorite pieces.

Now, through here is the bathroom.

It's like a super cool little space.

The window from the shower is really special,

so you can be taking a shower

and looking out over at Hollywood.

Unique little touches on the windows everywhere.

Always so important for me to have light,

and also see nature,

and that's, you know, kind of what this bathroom is about.

[gentle music]

I absolutely love this staircase

and especially this sort of column.

John Frusciante from Red Hot Chili Peppers

was one of the owners of the house.

And as I've seen a lot of his art,

I think he carved these, which is really cool.

I did actually already carve a little OP,

but I think I need to work on it.

I gotta get like a chisel or something.

[gentle music]

So this is the studio.

It's kind of like a multi-purpose space.

I grew up sewing.

I used to sew my own masks,

and so this is sort of my sewing area,

and I do art over there sometimes.

This is my book collection.

During the pandemic, it was the first time

that a lot of artists started making home studios,

so we could keep working on music.

Now, I love having a home studio.

I can make demos here,

got all my instruments, everything set up.

[shells rattling]

So this is the kind of thing we do up here.

[shells rattling]

And maybe a little of this sometimes too.

[rattle clanging]

Pretty interesting stuff going on up here.

Sometimes Queenie likes to jump on the drums,

and I'll play guitar and we have a little duo.

♪ Hello AD you are in my home ♪

♪ Let's find Queenie and give her bone ♪

You guys can have that.

That's free, it's licensable.

I just wrote it if you can believe that.

I feel very lucky to have as many guitars as I have.

I had one guitar pretty much my whole life.

It was this one, this fender squire.

And then I had to beg, borrow, and steal

to get this Gretsch Tennessee Rose at one point.

And now I actually get free guitars from Gretsch,

which is insane. [chuckles]

So this is my little shrine over here of special masks

and hats.

I have probably over a hundred masks now for sure.

This one is actually very special in particular.

So this is a one of one custom Dior that they made me,

hand beaded obliques.

They made me this.

I got to sit at the fashion show next to the Kardashians,

all this craziness.

And then they were like,

So how did you transport that mask home?

And I was like, Oh, it's still with me.

It's just like in my bag with the other masks.

And they were like,

Oh, you're taking care of it though, right?

And I was like, Yeah, you know, sure.

But I didn't know that it was like $80,000 beading.

And because it's a one of one Dior piece,

it's essentially priceless.

And I was just like throwing it around

with all my other masks.

But now I keep it safe over here in the little weird shrine.

This hat was part of a Dior look that I wore to the Grammys.

And the milliner's name is Stephen Jones,

really iconic hat maker.

And so it's sort of like a dove wing cowboy hat,

which is really special.

This is what we call the sky toilet.

My niece Daisy named it that.

It is utterly bizarre

'cause there's no door obviously,

but it is the best view in the house.

I mean, it's pretty gorgeous and special here.

And so also it's nice if we're working on music,

and we're in the studio, someone can run over here,

and just, you know, have a little pee,

and look out beautiful Hollywood.

[gentle upbeat music]

When there's guests over,

this is inevitably where we always end up

hanging out by the fire.

Gorgeous view of Hollywood.

The Hollywood signs like right over there.

The design is a tree house.

I love how much greenery there is,

all the vines and, you know, the olive trees.

At night it is so stunning with the fire going

and like the lights and the houses on the hills.

[clicks tongue] Very, very beautiful.

Queenie loves to check on the perimeter

like a little meerkat,

making sure everything's safe.

Huh, Queenie?

What do you see today?

The beautiful thing is that this wraps around

the entire house, this kind of patio.

So we like to have fun little dinners out here.

Get candles out here.

I love this cactus.

[Orville chuckles]

This is the barbecue.

Or as in South Africa, I would call it the braai.

We oftentimes we'll have big barbecues here,

eat out here, end up at the fire pit.

Y'all should come.

It's a fun time.

It's a nice time to hang out here.

So this is one of my favorite aspects of the house.

What really sold it for me was this amazing winding sort of,

I mean, it almost feels tropical back here.

There's so much lush greenery and plant life back here.

I was just obsessed with it the second I saw it.

So this is the first little platform up here.

When we've had big parties and big functions,

inevitably everyone starts wandering through the garden,

end up sitting around here, hanging out.

There's this very old timey stove here.

So if you want to like, I don't know,

cook beans in a can,

and like, you can do that over here if you want.

I have a little hammock right here.

For those that don't know what a hammock is,

it's the thing you sit in like this,

so you can just relax in here,

look up at the giant Strelitzia.

And if you really want to like, you know, disappear.

I'm sort of known for covering my face.

So, you know, whatever.

This is sort of the little adventure over here.

These trails go all the way around.

So we got jade over here.

This is a guava tree which is yet to fruit,

but I'm hoping.

And it takes you all the way back

around to the other side of the house.

And then obviously it's kind of cute

'cause you can like see into the studio, wave to people.

I live alone so if I was waving to someone,

I'd probably be worried.

I spend quite a lot of time out here.

On a nice day if it's cool enough,

I'll throw on some Birkenstocks

and come back here and do like a lot of gardening.

And I like to prune and trim.

I mean, I have gardeners as well,

but I like to do a lot of it myself

'cause obviously it's just a hobby of mine.

We've had a lot of unexpected rain in California this year,

so a lot of my fruit and vegetable

is not really used to that.

But potatoes, those had a good yield

'cause potatoes like water.

I like a purple potato, a little fingerling,

but I was growing some Yukon Gold.

They're easy.

[gentle upbeat music]

I love vintage aesthetics and old architecture.

I mean, a tree house like this that's all entirely wood

and, you know, the history of it is so cool.

I think it's really important to keep that vibe.

I think oftentimes in, especially, Los Angeles,

you have these like $30 million homes

that look like the lobby of a bank or something,

and there's just no vibe and no taste, you know?

And so I think for me it's really important

for it to feel like a home and feel like it feels like me.

And I think I've managed that with this place.

It makes me happy to come home from tour

and, you know, be here.

[gentle upbeat music]

All right, thank you so much.

It's been really fun.

But it's time for y'all to get outta here.


[gentle upbeat music]

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