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7 Flowers That Bloom All Year

Thanks to their resistance to low temperatures, these plants will keep your home lively and colorful throughout the whole year
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Winter Flowers: How to Use and Display Your Blooms Indoors and Out

Let some beautiful florals chase away the seasonal blues
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Raking Leaves: A How-To Guide That Won’t Have You Hating Your Lawn

It’s a necessary autumnal chore, but raking leaves doesn’t have to be painful and time-consuming
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How to Create an Outdoor Oasis When You’re Short on Space

Experts chime in with smart solutions for limited backyard square footage, from plant propagation to thinking vertically
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9 Festive Backyard Lighting Ideas to Keep the Party Going All Night Long

Plus tips on how to curb light pollution
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How to Stain a Concrete Patio and Keep It Looking Fresh and Clean 

Refreshing your hardscapes has never been easier
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How to Propagate Succulents for Healthy and Plentiful Plants 

Learn how to propagate new succulents for your collection for free
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19 Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas—From Artificial Turf to Xeriscaping

Spend your weekend relaxing, not sweating with gardening tools, thanks to these low-maintenance landscaping tips
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How to Build Your Own Paver Patio From Start to Finish

Follow this step-by-step DIY guide to create an outdoor paver patio that’s the envy of all your neighbors
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How to Find the Urban Gardening Method That’s Right for You

There are a variety of ways to garden in the city; we’ve rounded up a few examples and tips on how to make yours flourish 
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17 Best Gardening Tips for Beginners and Experts Alike

Take the professionals’ word for it
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Rainwater Harvesting 101: Why You Should Try It—And How to Do It

These sustainable home solutions can help you manage intense rainfall
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33 Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Summer is in the air

35 Deck Ideas for the Ultimate Backyard

Whether you spruce up your space with a soaking tub or meditation pod, these dreamy deck designs are sure to get you excited to update your backyard
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Gardening on Any Budget: What You Can Do for $50 to $5,000

Here’s what you should prioritize