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6 Secrets of The Sopranos’s Sets You Probably Didn’t Know

Read this as you binge watch David Chase’s iconic series in honor of its 25th anniversary
Set Design

How Wonka’s Design Compares to Its Wacky Predecessors

The new prequel has some eye-catching delights but doesn’t lean in to the fun and fantastical as much as the previous Wonka films
Set Design

Bradley Cooper Filmed His New Movie Maestro at Leonard Bernstein’s Real Home

The legendary conductor’s children opened the doors of their parents’ house in Fairfield, Connecticut, for the biopic
Set Design

How The Crown Recreated Three Significant Locales for Its Final Season

The latest and last installment of the Netflix drama chronicles the British royal family as they enter the 21st century
Set Design

Everything You’ve Ever Wondered About the Home Alone House

The McCallister family house remains a destination for fans of the holiday film—read on for a deep dive into the striking Chicago dwelling
Set Design

Inside the Surreal Universe of Poor Things

Director Yorgos Lanthimos’s new film starring Emma Stone is a breathtaking feat of set design
Celebrity Style

In Leave the World Behind, a Stylish Modern Home Hosts Julia Roberts and Mahershala Ali for the Apocalypse

The latest from the Obamas’ Higher Ground Productions casts Roberts as a vacation rental Karen opposite homeowner Ali, who returns unexpectedly amid the unfolding of ominous world events
Set Design

Unpacking the Dark Symbolism in the Architecture of the Hunger Games Movies

The new prequel to the fan-favorite dystopian series was shot in Poland and Germany
Set Design

Inside the Enchanting Home Where the Madness of Saltburn All Goes Down

Director Emerald Fennell’s new fever dream of a film starring Jacob Elordi and Barry Keoghan takes place inside the seductive confines of a Baroque English manor
Set Design

How Graceland Was Recreated for Sofia Coppola’s Stunning Priscilla Presley Biopic

Production designer Tamara Deverell tells AD exactly how she created a dream-like version of one of America’s most famous homes
Set Design

Where Was Killers of the Flower Moon Filmed?

Inside the ambitious Oklahoma sets built by production designer Jack Fisk

What Life Behind-the-Scenes of Sofia Coppola’s Movies Looks Like

Including her anticipated upcoming Priscilla Presley biopic
Set Design

Go Behind the Scenes of Only Murders in the Building Season 3

The comedic murder mystery’s thoughtfully designed dwellings reward the observant viewer with some very subtle Easter eggs
Set Design

If You’re Loving Claim to Fame, You'll Scream at the Celeb Connections of the Show’s Houses

Like the contestants themselves, the dwellings where this wacky competition has shot have their own secret celebrity histories
Set Design

Unpacking the 5 Design Eras of Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment

Revisiting the Sex and the City star’s decor choices—the good, the bad, and the ugly

Here’s What Oppenheimer’s Los Alamos Actually Looked Like

Much of Christopher Nolan’s new film takes place at the Los Alamos Laboratory, where the atomic bomb was developed in secret
Set Design

And Just Like That…: A Complete Guide to the Characters’ Homes

AD breaks down the NYC real estate of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and their new friends
Set Design

Black Mirror’s “Beyond the Sea”: Inside the Making of Season Six’s Standout Episode

Yes, we’re talking about the one with the farmhouse, the spaceship, and the midcentury murder house
Set Design

Black Mirror Has Always Excelled at Dystopian Design—Here Are 5 Examples

Look back at AD’s favorite moments from the hit Netflix series before you settle in to binge season six
Set Design

The Idol Was Shot in The Weeknd’s Real $70 Million Bel Air Home

Abel Tesfaye’s 33,000-square-foot mansion served as one of the show’s primary shoot locations
celebrity style

Unpacking the Symbolism of Queen Bey’s Disco Cowboy Wonderland

Fans tell of giant robot arms, glittering horses, and more exhilarating big-budget stage design