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Editors' Take

Cheerful and personable, Jasmine Sims’s spaces are a reflection of her attitude and approach to interior design—a career that was born from a decade-long passion for pairing aesthetics and functionality.


Sims + Co. Design is an interior design studio that supports a wide range of design projects, including custom home builds, remodeling, and furnishings and styling engagements.

Our mission is to deliver transformative interior designs for all of life’s transitions. We know that life changes can leave you feeling like you just need a change. Maybe your life is different now, whether due to your growing family, shift to retirement, or changing lifestyle—but your home’s interior design doesn’t reflect that. You want to come home to a space that works flawlessly for your needs, helps you recharge, and creates a sense of calm in your busy life.

Whether you’re navigating a significant life event or just looking for change, we ensure your home’s new design is the least of your worries, by taking the time to learn who you are, how you live, what you need your spaces to do, and how you’d like them to look. We’ll ask all the right questions to deliver and execute an intensely thought-out design that fulfills your every need (and what you didn’t even know you needed!).

Our full-service interior design experience is designed to support your life as it evolves. You can rest assured that your interior design worries end with us. We’ll replace your decision overwhelm and space frustration with peace-of-mind clarity and deliver the home you’ve always wanted.

We practice flexibility and do not ascribe to a specific style, as the client's need drives our design eye. However, we love interior designs that can stand the test of time, feel soothing, warm, and organic, and help improve health and wellness.

We are based in Charlotte, North Carolina, serving the broader Charlotte metropolitan area. We've historically designed homes in major cities on the east coast, including Atlanta, Georgia; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Washington DC. We also love to travel. Through our travel and digital design experience, we can support robust design engagements across the United States.

Photo by Heather Ison
Photo by Heather Ison
Photo by Heather Ison
Photo by Heather Ison