Step Inside the World’s Highest Private Club, 1,000 Feet Above New York’s Central Park

The club boasts 360-degree views of New York City and offers luxury amenities like a private ballroom and menus from Michelin-star chefs
Image of Central Park Tower taken from above looking north
Central Park Tower is known for being the tallest residential skyscraper on Earth. Inside, it also holds the world’s tallest private club. Photo: Williams New York

Central Park Tower is already breaking records. Standing at 1,550 feet tall, with 131 floors, the skyscraper is the tallest residential building in the world. But that’s not the structure’s only claim to fame: It’s also the home of the world’s highest private club. 

Spanning three floors in Central Park Tower, Central Park Club boasts 50,000 square feet of lavish amenities, including a residents lounge, screening room, 60-foot-long outdoor swimming pool, private park, and fine dining options. 

Club members can enjoy unobstructed views of Central Park while sipping cocktails in the lounge. 

Photo: Evan Joseph 

Designed by Rottet Studio, the peak of the private club is the 100th floor, where members can find a grand ballroom, a private bar and restaurant with menus from Michelin-star chefs, and a wine and cigar lounge. All of these amenities are made that much more luxurious by the 360-degree views of Central Park, both the Hudson and East River, and the Manhattan skyline. 

“When a view is as stunning as this, the interior design needs to introduce you to the view, not overpower the view,” Lauren Rottet of Rottet Studio said. “Though the interiors are far from minimal, they are also not over-cluttered or decorated.”

The 100th floor is the pinnacle of the Central Park Club, featuring exclusive amenities, like a residents lounge and breathtaking views of New York City. 

Photo: Jonathan Walgamott of Extell

The interiors of the 100th floor are fluid, though cohesive. In the lounge, pearl- and sapphire-toned structured furniture is met with polished finishes from coffee tables, consoles, and a grand piano. Gold accents round out the space, evoking a modern Parisian aesthetic. 

Similar motifs return in the bar area, though this time to create a moodier noir theme. Indulging in Art Deco opulence, black and gold interiors define the darker space, while satin-like materiality from the bar and a geometric ceiling provide subtle continuity from the lounge. “We wanted to create an environment of classic, timeless luxury, where each room had its own unique feel but was part of the greater whole,” Rottet added.

The atmosphere in Central Park Club is designed with all five senses in mind and structured to evolve both throughout the day and as the seasons change. 

Photo: Evan Joseph

“Central Park Tower’s 100th floor is unlike anything else in the world,” said Gary Barnett, founder and chairman of Extell Development Company, the firm that developed Central Park Tower. 

To further enhance the one-of-a-kind experience, the luxury skyscraper partnered with Colin Cowie, a lifestyle advisor and author, who will act as the building’s exclusive lifestyle curator and event planner. Cowie took a five-sense approach when crafting the mood inside the club, including designing formulated ambience changes, including lights that adapt as the sun sets, music that increases in tempo as the day matures, and a rotation of custom seasonal scents.