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Editors' Take

Everything great about living in Miami is reflected in Tamara Feldman’s interiors. Spacious rooms for entertaining friends, unobstructed views of turquoise waters, and refined outdoor spaces for enjoying the weather—all make the most of the city’s best bits.


Born in Mexico City, Tamara Feldman was naturally influenced by its rich architecture, history, and unique identity. Her upbringing and exposure to its ever-changing cultural landscape guided her decision to pursue interior design. Mexican architecture’s organic style is rooted in its ability to cohesively bring the outdoors indoors, which is reflected in her work. Feldman enjoys exploring the use of color to enrich the senses while maintaining a balanced approach.

Feldman studied art at Pratt Institute in New York. She then attended the University of Miami School of Architecture, which served as a perfect complement to her artistic background. She also lived in Tokyo where she trained in Japanese architecture and design. While there, she cultivated her creative abilities and gained a broader perspective on the value of applying structure to a business practice.

Feldman’s design style is contemporary and modern incorporating clean lines, symmetry, and timelessness. Her appreciation for art from the conceptual to realist is layered into her designs. For Feldman, it is also important to leave her mark while acknowledging that style evolves.

Every project is an opportunity to dream. Feldman engages with her clients interpreting their cultures and values enriching each home with a design that is long lasting. Over the course of her career, she has built a loyal client base by offering innovative design concepts and delivering uncompromised service.

At Tamara Feldman Design, the design process examines the project’s pace and its necessity. Setting a methodical approach from the initial meeting through final onsite management are important elements of the firm’s technique. Her team is energetic, yet flexible but always in the know with the latest trends allowing them to expertly introduce new ideas.